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Enjoy Outdoor Living With Smart Home Technologies

Home Entertainment That Delivers Regardless of Weather Conditions

Enjoy Outdoor Living With Smart Home Technologies

After a long winter of feeling cooped up indoors, everyone in the Richmond, TX area is ready to shift the activities back outside once again. To us, outdoor living means listening to music by the pool, reading books on the patio, or enjoying a cold beverage with family and friends.

You most likely have your favorite, most valuable smart home technology stored inside — from your TVs to your speakers to your central control system. Is there a safe way to bring these entertainment delights to the Great Outdoors?

At Automated Lifestyles of Texas, we think the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” We’d love to show you some smart home tech that resists wind, water, and sun damage that you can enjoy for years to come. Keep reading for some of our suggestions.

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Control4 Capabilities

Control4 distributes to several video and audio channels from one source located inside your home, allowing you to play video and music from outside. This setup keeps your hardware protected while you’re free to splash, relax, and play outside to your heart’s content. 

Durable Displays

We think the ultimate relaxation experience is watching our favorite shows, movies, and sports from a jacuzzi or pool. Believe it or not, plenty of outdoor displays can handle the unpredictability that we associate with Texas springs.

It’s imperative that you select a display that looks good with unpredictable outdoor lighting. You have to choose outdoor TVs carefully since they have to be bright enough to deflect glare. It’s also important that they display deep blacks and vibrant colors. We recommend the LG SK9500 for its anti-glare features, fast response time, and full screens.

Also, any of Samsung’s “O” Models are rated well for outdoor use. These TVs can self-cool, making them impervious to scorching days.

Are you thinking bigger? All 85 inches of the Sony XBR85X900F looks luminous regardless of how much light exposure it gets. If you crave the dedicated home theater experience outdoors, we think you’ll want this model. With a few adjustments, you can also try a projector. We’ll simply figure out a glare-minimizing setup so that you can see your screen during the day.

Unfortunately, though these TVs work well outside, none of them were expressly made for exterior use. Don’t worry, though! With a few easy adjustments, such as a TV shield or other enclosure, we can protect your investment.

Weather-Proof Audio

We can wire outdoor audio equipment to look as inconspicuous as possible and protect the cables from sun, rain, or pool water damage. You’ll also need some weatherproof speakers. We usually recommend Triad for durable outdoor speakers that also blend in well with your surroundings. We can also install some speakers inside the pool so you can jam out while you’re swimming!

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Automated Lifestyles of Texas would love to prepare your Richmond-area home for a spring and summer of fun! Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our outdoor AV experts by calling 612-851-8576 or chatting with one of our live reps below.

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