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Get Game-Day Ready by Enhancing Your Home Theater System!

Whether you want your party to be super or full of madness, we’ll help you liven it up!

Get Game-Day Ready by Enhancing Your Home Theater System!

Game days provide the perfect excuse to have friends and family over for food, drinks, and quality entertainment, especially when it’s one of the big games February and March bring us. No matter what sport you watch or which team you cheer for, you’ll enjoy soirees much more when your Sugar Land, TX home has an updated home theater system.

You have just enough time to prepare your home for the big games ahead and guarantee a party that everyone will never forget. Keep reading to see some suggestions for enhancing your video displays, sound, and more. 

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Vivid Visuals

If you’re watching sports, you should prioritize a TV that can keep up with fast-paced action, so look for TVs that have been rated for zero motion lag. We highly advise that you choose a 4K display for their pristine images and high color ranges that show off the crispest whites, blackest blacks, and most vibrant colors. We recommend the Sony XBR65A8F and XBR55A8F for their stunning 4K HDR, OLED imaging and blur-free, 120Hz refresh rate. They come in 55- and 65-inch displays. 

There’s something about multiple screens that makes watching games more immersive and exciting. Since that sports-bar or media-room feel is quickly proliferating, why not talk to Automated Lifestyles of Texas about a multi-screen installation during your consultation? If one friend doesn’t care about the game you’re watching, that also gives them the option to view the event of their choice. 

Control System

A well-planned home theater system should have seamless control for maximum entertainment. When we’re talking about distributed AV equipment like video and sound, it’s important to merge all the commands onto one platform.

We use Control4 to automate AV equipment, but it can also control every aspect of your smart home from wherever you are. Whether you’re in the media room and want to check who just rang the doorbell without getting up from your cozy space, or you want to quickly change the room’s scene to “Movie,” Control4 can make it happen. You can also use home automation to lower the shades or the distracting music in the next room.

Stunning Sound

Quality speakers and their placement mean the difference between exceptional audio and mediocre audio when you’re watching a game. We want you to live the experience, feeling the tension of a close game and not only seeing, but hearing every play — surround sound can make this happen.

We can take your experience to the next level by configuring audio to different speakers so that you hear the coach shouting on one side of the room and that game-winning kick on the other. We know exactly where to place audio equipment for the desired sound effect. Automated Lifestyles of Texas can hide speakers throughout the room so that no one even knows the sound’s origin.

We usually install Triad speakers for their customizable benefits and science-backed audio configurations. Triad is a pioneer in surround sound innovation with superior solutions for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D. As a Control4 offering, Triad speakers will integrate beautifully with your other C4 technologies.

Game On!

With sports events and award shows coming up in the next two months, there’s no time like the present to get your home prepped for parties. Enjoy the last, cozy stretch of winter with friends and family, enjoying entertainment as you’re meant to experience it.

Call Automated Lifestyles of Texas at (800) 611-1975 to get started, or click the chat box to the bottom of your screen to talk to a live chat agent.

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