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Your Home Network Ties into Every Automated Feature

A Strong Connection is Key to Running Everything Smoothly

Your Home Network Ties into Every Automated Feature

From your lighting control to the smart thermostat, to your entire entertainment system – your Memorial, TX home might have a lot of smart technology to manage.

And the more smart features you have, the harder your home network has to run in order for it to all function properly.

Your network’s stability and strength is an essential aspect of your home automation system – everything else would fall apart without it.

So whether you’re just starting out with using your smart home tech or needing to upgrade your home network services, now’s the time to make sure your connection is stable and secure.

Keep on reading below to learn why this step of the automation process is crucial and necessary for you to enjoy everyday life in your Texas home.


The Internet of Things

It’s a phrase you might have heard before: the internet of things.  But what does it mean?

To put it simply, it’s how every component of your smart home speaks to each other.  Every device and feature needs to communicate in order to operate.  This means the different technologies must transfer commands and data across your home network.

So without excellent network connectivity, you might get slow responses and delayed actions from your features. For the various components to react accordingly to your commands, you need a robust network connection and setup.


The Foundation of Everything

A weak home network connection means a weak automation system.  Without strengthening it, every device and feature can’t work together cohesively.

Your home network is the foundation of your entire smart home.

For instance, if the sun begins shining through your windows, your automated shades will instantly lower when they detect the sun’s rays.  They could do the same if you schedule them to lower at certain times.

This also applies to other features like your smart thermostat that can detect a temperature shift, and will adjust to create the well-balanced climate you want.

With these features and your devices in your home – tablets, smartphones, laptops – all working to either control technology or play media, that’s a lot of different data transfers throughout the day.

You can have a strong Wi-Fi connection, but your network connectivity deals with how high your bandwidth is and if it can withstand the number of components you have working on it.

This is why you need something better than just cheap, possibly store-bought routers.  A proper network installation can guarantee that you receive a high-performing network and you will see just how well your whole system runs with one.

We recommend a professional installation – and our team can provide all your home network services for you.  We take your home’s layout into consideration when setting up and putting wires into place.  We make sure you have a strong and reliable network connection at all times. And we have excellent service programs should you ever need help with technology maintenance in the future.


Find out more by giving us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.  Our team would love to hear from you!

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